Hope Church Wymondham

Hope Community Church is a vibrant and growing Christian community that is made up of local people of all ages and walks of life.

The people are not “Super Saints”, just ordinary people who have made the mistakes common to us all but have found out that Jesus loves them, wants to know them personally and transforms their lives.

Over 200 people engage each Sunday in our enthusiastic meetings which have a contemporary feel with modern worship, a focus on teaching God’s word and allowing the Holy Spirit to guide them.

Having a God given vision "Homebase 500” they believe God has given them a vision for a church of 500 disciples with a community focused building for 500. HCCW believe God has called them to create an environment for significant growth by:-

Being Engaged – where every member of the church according to their passions, temperament and gifting are fully engaged in the life of the church and its mission into the community
Being Excellent – where HCCW seek to pursue excellence in their delivery of all aspects of church life
Being External – where HCCW focus is to practically care and provide for the needs present in our community, build authentic relationships and give all the opportunity to experience the Kingdom of God and respond to it.
RJR met with the Leadership team in 2016 and immediately were instructed to carry out the “dream” phase. The client was clear on its call and mandate which made the journey to “design” relatively easy.

Having sat with HCCW, RJR advised to split the building project into 2 phases as we felt it was imperative that the HCCW Church family got into their HOME. With the completion of the “dream” phase mid 2016, worked commenced late July and were delighted to complete phase one of the building project November 2016.

RJR managed to renovate the existing, disused warehouse into a 250 seater church facility, creating also new W/C services and installing mechanical and electrical throughout the building. With floor, wall and lighting chosen by the client this old warehouse has now come to life and is a vibrant facility for the church family to hold their gatherings in.

We were delighted to complete this project on time and on budget.