Connect Church

Connect Church are passionate about building an influential city church that will transform Birmingham city and the world with the good news of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Kirk and Tracee, originally from Newcastle, Australia, in 2008, sensed the call to the United Kingdom and took on Kings Christian Centre, (now called Connect Church)

They both believe that the church is the place where people can discover who God is, develop great friendships and relationships and determine their purpose to make a difference in the world.

Connect Church was pioneered on July 13, 1940. Initially called Glad Tidings Hall Assembly of God Church, and later known as Kings Christian Centre, it was the second Assemblies of God Church in Birmingham, England.

Connect Church has a rich history of people’s lives being changed, and the church making a difference in the community. Throughout the years the church has sent out many ministers to take on churches and missions around the UK and the across the world. A church with such a great history has now entered a new exciting future with a new purpose built facility in the horizon.

RJR were instructed approx. 18 months ago, having had numerous building projects shelved for various years over the years. Upon instruction RJR went through a vigorous “dream’ phase engaging the leadership team and department heads to work together to ensure that the building reflected the vision and values of the Church family.

On completion of the “dream” phase, RJR commissioned its Architects to scribe what Connect Church had seen for their new facility and after several meetings with Connect Church and Birmingham City Planners they were granted planning approval on a scheme that worked for all.

RJR are seeking to break ground early 2017.