Core Values


We have a vision to build church buildings that are unique in style and accessible for communities. We want to try and make each project affordable for the majority.


We value all of our employees and aim to make sure they are adequately trained and constantly developed in each area. We hope to recognize different skill sets and talents and put these to good use.


We are an organization that believes in local community, we want to enable the local church to impact the community positively in education, youth, children and elderly programs. We also aim to use local supply chains where possible.


With each project we want to leave the area better than when we started by using ethical waste management, sustainable procurement and trying to be green conscious in our design phase. We also hope to aim towards carbon neutral.


We hope to work with local, national and international chairties. RJR believe in giving back so are always look for to evaluate for the needs in which they can meet and serve.

Health and Safety

Keeping safe is always important, for our employees our contractors and of course our clients. We will use the highest safety and risk management procedures. Ensure we provide the correct training for all circumstances including CDM education, carrying out specific safety evaluations and using incident reporting to cover all bases.


At the heart of our business is philanthropy but we will still run with strong business ethics. Creating sustainable growth, innovation communication with a clear governance using evaluations and appraisals.